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Doc’s Home Health Check-Up Includes:
  • 30-Point Fall Furnace Check-up Between September 1 and October 15

  • 20-Point Spring A.C. Check-up Between April 1 and May 15

  • 10-Point Humidifier Check-up

30-Point Fall Furnace Check-Up
  1. Clean burners
  2. Clean flame sensor
  3. Clear drain lines and condensate trap
  4. Clear and inspect pressure switch tubing
  5. Inspect and clean heat exchanger
  6. Test and check inducer motor
  7. Test and check blower motor
  8. Clean blower motor of any dust or dirt
  9. Check blower wheel*
  10. Tighten all electric connections
  11. Test and adjust gas pressure
  12. Check furnace filter
  13. Test high limit switch
  14. Clean pilot assembly
  15. Check thermocouple
  16. Check furnace flue and diverter
  17. Test for carbon monoxide
  18. Check for gas leaks
  19. Inspect hot surface igniter
  20. Check temperature rise across heat exchanger
  21. Clean the interior vestibule
  22. Adjust pilot
  23. Adjust burners
  24. Set burner air adjustment
  25. Check thermostat and heat anticipator
  26. Test and adjust fan control
  27. Check and tighten furnace belt
  28. Check and secure furnace panels
  29. Check for proper combustion air
  30. Check noise and vibration levels

* cleaning may result in an additional charge

20-Point Spring A.C. Check-Up
  1. Check thermostat
  2. Check air filter
  3. Check and clear condensate drain
  4. Check blower wheel*
  5. Check evaporator coil*
  6. Check blower motor 
  7. Check and tighten belts
  8. Check and test disconnect switch
  9. Check temperature drop across coil
  10. Remove debris around and inside of outside unit
  11. Clean condenser coil
  12. Check condenser fan motor 
  13. Check crankcase heater 
  14. Check capacitor
  15. Check contactor
  16. Inspect and tighten all electrical connections
  17. Check refrigerant level
  18. Tighten all caps , check and replace any necessary o-rings
  19. Check compressor amp draw
  20. Record system operation
10-Point Humidifier Check-Up
  1. Replace water panel, including parts
  2. Clean in line water screen
  3. Clean orifice
  4. Clean drain line
  5. Clean water panel tray
  6. Clean drain spud
  7. Replace vinyl drain tubing
  8. Check for proper water flow 
  9. Test humidistat 
  10. Check all wiring connections
Annual Contracts
  • $15 a month for all 3 services for one system
  • $25 a month for all 3 services for two systems
  • $35 a month for all 3 services for three systems
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