Scheduling a tuneup for your HVAC system

At Doc’s HVAC, we recommend you schedule a tuneup for your HVAC system in the spring for air conditioning, and in the fall for heating.

Inspecting and tuning up your air conditioner in the spring is a great investment into your hvac system, as well as your family’s health and safety! During this process, your Doc’s HVAC team will clean the cooling coils, which helps to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning unit — while also reducing your electrical bill.  We will also check refrigerant levels, and make sure the electrical system isn’t fraying (or hasn’t been chewed up by rodents). We’ll check your ducts for signs that they may require more extensive inspection and possible cleaning. And during cooling months, we’ll check your system’s condenser unit to ensure it is functioning properly, as well.

Scheduling an annual fall furnace tuneups is just as much a safety check as it is a check for the performance of your system. Making sure the system is properly vented, properly burning, and checking the integrity of the heat exchanger to ensure the unit is safe to operate are all among the most important factors to maintaining a safe home. After we verify the unit is safe to operate, a cleaning takes place and adjustments are made to ensure the unit is operating as efficiently as possible. 

Tuning up your furnace in the spring along with your air conditioner is never a good idea! A lot of things can happen to your furnace over the summer, including the fact that it is not used much, if at all, and motors can seize up due to inactivity. 

Having a tune up done twice a year is vital for the performance and lifespan of your home’s heating and cooling system. Call Doc’s HVAC and let us put you on our regular spring and fall tune-up list, so that you may have the peace of mind to know your HVAC system is operating at its safest, most optimal level of performance!