AC Repair in St Charles

Many homeowners and landlords have questions that need answers about making such an investment when it comes to residential air conditioning installation and repair. While it might come as a must-install if you live in a region that experiences extreme hot or cold weather, you need to know what the available options are and be informed so that you make the right choice. Below are some of the questions that might run in your mind.

What AC Services Do We Provide?

Regardless of your air conditioning system needs, we can help. We provide AC installation, AC repair, AC recharging (depending on the refrigerant), and more for our valued clients in Batavia.

Do I Need A New Air Conditioner?

Ideally, an AC or HVAC system is a worthwhile investment if you reside in a place with intense cold or heat for the better part of the year. Living in a house in such a location can be miserable. If the home is hot, then your wallpaper will be ruined, and it is challenging to chill or sleep in such a condition. Having an air conditioning unit can help keep your indoor cool without ballooning your power bill. Therefore, your tenants, family, guests, or pets will feel cool and comfortable when indoors.

Aren’t Air Conditioning Units Expensive?

With the variety of makes and models of air conditioners that come in various sizes, the prices are relatively competitive. If you are not sure of what such an investment will cost you, you can seek the help and advice of our qualified HVAC specialists to help you budget and make the best choice.

How Can I Choose An Energy Efficient AC Unit?

Reputable AC installation and repair specialists recommend that homeowners and landlords check the SEER rating on the air conditioner to know if energy efficiency score. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for many of the AC units sold in the United States is 13 or above, with those having a higher rating considered highly energy efficient.

Will The Installation Affect The Interior Of My Home?

HVAC companies and installation technicians will offer suitable solutions for residential property owners that have concerns about the damaging of their home’s interior. If installing ductwork might compromise the interior, then a ductless split system will be an ideal choice. The ductless split set up will cool the house in zones, but it is possible to achieve the same cooling effect as a central air conditioning setup if the right number of air handlers are installed.

What If The AC Breaks?

Most of the HVAC systems and AC units in the market come with warranties and product guarantees. Furthermore, the we offer service warranties for problems that might arise within a specific period after the installation.

How Do I Know If My AC System Has A Legitimate Problem?

One of the most notable telltale signs of an issue with your air conditioning is when the house never gets cool when the unit is running. The problem could stem from low refrigerant levels, the thermostat is malfunctioning, or you have leaky ducts. Our specialists have the knowledge and the equipment needed to help locate and address any technical problem.

Should I Have My AC Repaired or Replaced?

In most situations, the answer to this question is pegged on the expected lifespan of the unit. Some cases can be addressed through repairs. However, if you have an AC with a lifespan of ten years and the technician suggests a replacement when it has developed a significant problem after 13 years of service, then the recommendations are the best option. Doing repairs on an old unit will be a costly endeavor, especially if it is fixing something that is bound to malfunction or break again in a short while. Plus, certain units take refrigerant that is no longer available. In those cases, a new AC unit would be required.

We are always working to refine our repair methods, while making them more efficient and affordable. If you are in need of an AC repair in Batavia or have questions about our HVAC services, call us today at 630-9665-9444. Or fill out the service request form on this page and we will respond shortly.